Friday, 15 August 2014

Review: BeautyFoot

Thank you Hishop for sending this beautyfoot product for me to review

These are the things inside the box, we got a 'pink pau', beautyfoot product and a leaflet
There are guides on the box to guide you on what to do :)

Open this grey pack, there are 2pcs of foot pack to wrap your foot.
I don't try it on my feet, because I always wear flats, barely to see cracks on it,
so I give my mum a try to see the results.
And this is the foot of my mum, before trying on it.

After open the grey pack, and cut on the top of the packing, then put in your feet.
Wear for about 1 and a half hour, after that, wash your feet with soup thats all :)
Results will see on the day 7, and your feet dead skin will start fall on day 4-6days.

On day 4

You will see it serious crack and dead skin drop

Day 7 

Really impress us a lot. Seriously, her feet now just look like a young ladies feet, 
and all the sisters ask where to buy it lol.
And now she is more taking care of her feet skin and always put lotion on it.

*remember to find a most comfortable pose to sit because you need to sit for 1 & half hour :P

You can get it from here

There are 15% discounts for all the products at Hishop for my readers by entering the coupon code below.


Happy shopping :) enjoy

Friday, 23 May 2014

Yama & J Fusion Sushi Buffet

Late post for this, is about 15 weeks ago :P *paiseh paiseh*
New semester start, so guess i have time to blog.

Yama J has a lar carte menu and some food that ready to served at food bar.
Every table get a sashimi boat, as that day there was a birthday party, so their sashimi bar is not available for others. The sashimi is unlimited supplied, so after you have finished it, you can order again,
their sashimi is quite fresh actually :)

This is sushi mixed with fried banana, it surprise me, din't try something like this before. :) good

This really make me confuse, i order edikko but wonder why their put it on ice :O speechless.
and i order Miso soup but inside the miso soup got udon mee :O speechless again, is like food that some people had eaten and the miso soup is not the taste of miso but sour soup.

Most of the food you ordered might takes forever to deliver and limited choices,
but their services consider good.

Price: RM50+
Rating 2/5

If you would like to try, you can look for them at groupon or mydeal :)

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Ellips hair mask review

Got the sample of Ellips hair mask and just try it last night,
the smell is good, and you can use many times with just 1 pack of this.
It recommend to use once a week or as frequent as you like, but personally i think, just use 3 times a week.
Besides, it says can apply hair roots but I only apply on bottom of hair :/ not willing to take the risk 

So last night, just feel my hair like quite oily after washed :/

Okay, this is the photo of today, no comb, no apply any hair care products.
Hair is not as smooth as like the result other hair mask can bring me, is like the result i just wash with hair conditioner.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Suki-Ya @ Klang Parade

Hello, I guess some of you already tried it at others branch,
feel so happy that they had decide to come to Klang,

Din't feel that it is so yummy, until i had ate the second times here lol.

This is the first time i ate, Miso soup and Clear soup.
My recommend would be go for Miso soup and Kimchi :D *yumm*

1st, choose your soups at the entrance, the staff will guide you. ( Miso soup/ Clear soup/sukiya/miso soup/kimchi soup)

2nd, choose what meat you want, is unlimited refill (chicken,beef,lamb and fish)
my favourite would be fish lol.

then the staff will seat you, there are a small ingredient bar for you to choose and also some sushi for you to eat before your soup soup is ready. Ice cream and soft drinks also available beside it.
( not recommend on their sushi, but you can tried 'ONE' )

Fresh clam they got.

Overall : Satisfied
Re-visit: Yes 
Price: Lunch - RM29.90+  (11.30am-5pm)
           Dinner- RM39.90+  (5pm-10pm)

Additional: I go for both sections, and their service was the same :) *thumbsup*

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Lip balm that worth to try

Here to introduce you guys the lip balm that i am using now, and think of worth buying it.
This lip balm is made by shea butter, and it help to repair dry lips, 
I apply it and when to sleep and the next morning my lips is not dry at all but i think it doesn't work when very cold in my uni lecture hall lol :P 

is shea butter taste and the best things is colourless for me haha

If you didn't try before, and looking for a new lip balm, give this a try :)

Friday, 28 February 2014

Clearing Mask that I use recently :)

Hello readers, feel so sorry that not blogging for so long :O I will catch up soon okay? :)

This post is to introduce you guys one of the clearing mask that i just had finished using it
> Pore Clearing Mask from YVES ROCHER <

I bought it from their stores few months ago, and i found they are also selling in some of the Watsons branches.

 Normally i will use it if i have make up on that day, and it goes like this:

Remove make up > Cleanser > then apply this mask ( i feel safe like ensuring my face is very clean without make up dirt) > daily care products

the good thing of this is just take 3 mins to done this mask and then rinse off with water. That's it :)
Quick and easy.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Printic - few clicks to order HD Polaroid-style prints

Feeling awesome get the sponsor from Printic. It is an IT company base in Paris. They offers the easiest and fastest way to order HD Polaroid-style prints from our smartphone (IOS & Android). With just few clicks, my lovely photos have been sent to my house :)

You can download this app from your smartphone easily and is FREE :)

I had sent 3 printics to surprise my boy and he really feel surprise when receiving it because the stamp is from Hong Kong, so he couldn't think is me haha :) 
You can surprise your loves one or your friends by sending them one today :)

It is printed in good quality. Besides, you still can write some caption on it. 

And this is for me. 

The printics can be display to people when you are having party. :) It can be hang on balloons or even stick on the wall. Well, you can also keep inside an album to view it in the future :) Or you can print somethings memorable and distribute to your friends too.

Go get your own PRINTIC now :) They are now available to Malaysian and Singaporean, you will receive in one week's times.