Friday, 23 May 2014

Yama & J Fusion Sushi Buffet

Late post for this, is about 15 weeks ago :P *paiseh paiseh*
New semester start, so guess i have time to blog.

Yama J has a lar carte menu and some food that ready to served at food bar.
Every table get a sashimi boat, as that day there was a birthday party, so their sashimi bar is not available for others. The sashimi is unlimited supplied, so after you have finished it, you can order again,
their sashimi is quite fresh actually :)

This is sushi mixed with fried banana, it surprise me, din't try something like this before. :) good

This really make me confuse, i order edikko but wonder why their put it on ice :O speechless.
and i order Miso soup but inside the miso soup got udon mee :O speechless again, is like food that some people had eaten and the miso soup is not the taste of miso but sour soup.

Most of the food you ordered might takes forever to deliver and limited choices,
but their services consider good.

Price: RM50+
Rating 2/5

If you would like to try, you can look for them at groupon or mydeal :)


  1. LOL. In conclusion, avoid that place. XD

    1. haha can give a try la, but remember to buy from online deal, more worth haha :P

  2. The restaurant should be in PJ right? Never been there before but looks valuable at the price of RM50+. Hope they did not impose time limit or intentionally delay orders to save more by eating less. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I see others also having the same problems which din't receive what they ordered. :/ but can give a try

  3. hellloo there

    Yummy food ...
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