Friday, 15 August 2014

Review: BeautyFoot

Thank you Hishop for sending this beautyfoot product for me to review

These are the things inside the box, we got a 'pink pau', beautyfoot product and a leaflet
There are guides on the box to guide you on what to do :)

Open this grey pack, there are 2pcs of foot pack to wrap your foot.
I don't try it on my feet, because I always wear flats, barely to see cracks on it,
so I give my mum a try to see the results.
And this is the foot of my mum, before trying on it.

After open the grey pack, and cut on the top of the packing, then put in your feet.
Wear for about 1 and a half hour, after that, wash your feet with soup thats all :)
Results will see on the day 7, and your feet dead skin will start fall on day 4-6days.

On day 4

You will see it serious crack and dead skin drop

Day 7 

Really impress us a lot. Seriously, her feet now just look like a young ladies feet, 
and all the sisters ask where to buy it lol.
And now she is more taking care of her feet skin and always put lotion on it.

*remember to find a most comfortable pose to sit because you need to sit for 1 & half hour :P

You can get it from here

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Happy shopping :) enjoy

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