Friday, 28 February 2014

Clearing Mask that I use recently :)

Hello readers, feel so sorry that not blogging for so long :O I will catch up soon okay? :)

This post is to introduce you guys one of the clearing mask that i just had finished using it
> Pore Clearing Mask from YVES ROCHER <

I bought it from their stores few months ago, and i found they are also selling in some of the Watsons branches.

 Normally i will use it if i have make up on that day, and it goes like this:

Remove make up > Cleanser > then apply this mask ( i feel safe like ensuring my face is very clean without make up dirt) > daily care products

the good thing of this is just take 3 mins to done this mask and then rinse off with water. That's it :)
Quick and easy.

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  1. looking for the right mask now, yves rocher ahd been my first product i use on my face! i think this product is pretty convincing (: will try it out