Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Printic - few clicks to order HD Polaroid-style prints

Feeling awesome get the sponsor from Printic. It is an IT company base in Paris. They offers the easiest and fastest way to order HD Polaroid-style prints from our smartphone (IOS & Android). With just few clicks, my lovely photos have been sent to my house :)

You can download this app from your smartphone easily and is FREE :)

I had sent 3 printics to surprise my boy and he really feel surprise when receiving it because the stamp is from Hong Kong, so he couldn't think is me haha :) 
You can surprise your loves one or your friends by sending them one today :)

It is printed in good quality. Besides, you still can write some caption on it. 

And this is for me. 

The printics can be display to people when you are having party. :) It can be hang on balloons or even stick on the wall. Well, you can also keep inside an album to view it in the future :) Or you can print somethings memorable and distribute to your friends too.

Go get your own PRINTIC now :) They are now available to Malaysian and Singaporean, you will receive in one week's times.

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