Friday, 25 April 2014

Suki-Ya @ Klang Parade

Hello, I guess some of you already tried it at others branch,
feel so happy that they had decide to come to Klang,

Din't feel that it is so yummy, until i had ate the second times here lol.

This is the first time i ate, Miso soup and Clear soup.
My recommend would be go for Miso soup and Kimchi :D *yumm*

1st, choose your soups at the entrance, the staff will guide you. ( Miso soup/ Clear soup/sukiya/miso soup/kimchi soup)

2nd, choose what meat you want, is unlimited refill (chicken,beef,lamb and fish)
my favourite would be fish lol.

then the staff will seat you, there are a small ingredient bar for you to choose and also some sushi for you to eat before your soup soup is ready. Ice cream and soft drinks also available beside it.
( not recommend on their sushi, but you can tried 'ONE' )

Fresh clam they got.

Overall : Satisfied
Re-visit: Yes 
Price: Lunch - RM29.90+  (11.30am-5pm)
           Dinner- RM39.90+  (5pm-10pm)

Additional: I go for both sections, and their service was the same :) *thumbsup*

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