Monday, 22 April 2013

so called 'Farewell'

Yeap, so called 'farewell' dinner, but i believe if one of us organize gathering again, other of us will be there,
so we will be waiting for absentees of this 'farewell' to organize again? haha.
Times flies, some of us had gone through 1,2 years together, FUN, HAPPY, NAUGHTY, UNHAPPY things.
and formed out 2 funny group names as 一楼后坐 and not ae86 but a186 haha.

Grey shirt: Kernel, so called nel nel haha we can always smell coffee smell in the morning, lol make our brain fresh at the same times hahah

 Blue shirt: KW signature smile haha nope, is laugh, Hien, are you looking at kw?
and we all know what's his 'favourite' things to do at noon hahhah

Red shirt: Hien, I can't stop laughing at this photo haha well, if you don't know him, he is the one who always bring fun and joy to us and sometimes annoying hahhaa just for fun lol

 SeeMei, Top students and good girl :P

 My boy and me 

White shirt: JV, he looks good when with hien lol 
NO, im just joking kay? He is our expert in computer, very helpful in that haha

Linjat and Eileen  sweet couple
Linjat, a multimedia student, good in drawing and im waiting for my art kay? haha
Im sorry Linjat, you blink your eyes haha.



you guys will be miss 

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