Saturday, 27 April 2013

Dim Sum @ Imbi Palace Restaurant

Since tomorrow is a good morning for breakfast with family / friends,
i think i shall blog about dim sum hahah :P
There are different with the dim sum restaurant we usually dine in. The dish is serve upon order.

Prawn steamed rice paper rolls- not super delicious but average :)

Prawn rolls- i thought it won't taste good because there are vege inside hahah but im wrong :P

Fishball- Fishball is one of my favourite but i won't recommend this as it is too soft.

Prawn dumplings

If you wanted to have more varieties, then share the porridge as the portion is big

Overall, some of the food is nice but some just un-uh :/
The prices is quite expensive but the service and environment is good,
If you are looking for it then go for this :)

Imbi Palace Restaurant

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