Sunday, 27 May 2012

@ Penang - Day 2

free breakfast @ red rock hotel

As the day was 5/5 so we went to 1 of the temple there :)
but i din't took any photo of it 

a place you must go to buy famous cookies 

 Straits Quay, a nice place where you can see all this :)

 can you spot something? haha

 Charlie Brown cafe:
is located @ Straits Quay

Is time to check in :D i like this hotel,
much more comfortable than the previous 1
Holiday Inn @ Batu Ferringhi

 view from the room

went back to the town

 view from room

 hotel private beach 

 i feel dizzy with this

wash my legs before back to the hotel 

Dinner time :)
Don't know where to eat, so we just choose a corner shop to eat
so here you go..
 I forget what is call, somehow is just normal :I

 Yup, this is mine and is super delicious, i like this
Cajun chicken bla bla bla, can't recall back
around RM25

 green chicken curry :I

Alright, that's all for my penang trip,
and the next day we went for dim sum for our breakfast and headed to airport.
 fly back to KL

reach home, and she is like security :)

My next trip is :

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