Sunday, 13 May 2012

@ Penang- Day1

at LCCT, going to penang :)
a relax trip for me and family,
seriously, this is my first flight,
is really fun, the cloud all so fluffy :D looks yummy haha
from KL to Penang only takes us 1 hour,
  then reach Penang :)
Arrive, penang sea :)

we rent a car there-Proton Myvi, 2 and a half days cost around 200+
we travel the whole island with only spend Rm20 for oil haha ? lol

first destination- Kek lok si temple

the shirt there is really cheap, RM5/pcs
but we din't buy haha
regret to walk up there, we should drive up :I

the turtle there is so BIG :O
and we bought RM1 for vegetable to feed the turtle,
they put a bulk vege there, but they only like giving ''5 sticks'' for RM1?
so dont buy :( huh

can you spot somethings?? with blue colour and ah gong face on it? haha
a kid dint hold it tight and the wind blow it away,
just hope the turtles won't eat it :)

Rm4 for 2 way to see the big kuan yin :)

is fast :) takes only 2 mins to reach up there

big spider & spider web :P
住? haha

wishing ribbon :)
for business, academic, love, family and others,
i make a wish too :)

i saw rocky there :D

Hungry time :) 
the famous asam laksa near the kek lok si temple :)
Rm3.50 for each 

and also mochi Rm3/box

next destination- bukit bendara
they had upgrade their train with high speed,
compare to last time i went is still with the slow slow train haha
but quite scary :P sometimes feel like the train will roll down? :P
last time the train will stop at the half,
but now the half  is only for staff and penduduk there,
we will direct go to the top.

windy day~

penang bridge

cafe shop there

is going to rain~

1st day staying in this hotel,
bad services, unpolite staff :( 
and also unhonest staff that trying to cheat for the deposit
when we call to book the hotel, they dint say that any surcharge will being charge for wesak day
when we check in on 4/5 we give the deposit around Rm100,
and they say will fully return the deposit on the next day we check out.
but the next day 5/5 we check out , the staff say there is a surcharge for wesak day RM50,
and we say that time we booking and check in they din't mention about it,
then the staff only say sorry and no need pay for it. =(
located @ macalister road (town area)
*bad impression*

i had blog it early for this :)

Night time :) should be drinks time haha
this place is above the sea

That's it for day 1 :)
stay tuned for the day 2,
better hotel @ batu ferringi and private beach
and also snoopy restaurant :)

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