Tuesday, 7 February 2012

CNY part II

Hello people,
insomia last night, feel that im really sampat haha
sem 3 not even started but im started to worry about the exam, 
coz it is a short sem so exam will falling on 26mar,
which still got 1 month and half only. 
And it is the day after my bday :O
i don't want my bday just pass like this, i want to celebrate with my friends :( 
hm.. mayb can celebrate before exam or after.. :I aiks..

Alright, back to the topic.
just tell the truth :P i couldn't recall back all i had did during cny haha
but based on these photo i still manage to describe it haha..

my bestie and me

we went to eat steamboat AGAIN,
haha but nvm :) because eat with different people, have different feeling :)

my house decoration :) 
@kuala selangor

see tht ? :D it is real 

sry for blur and not much pic for food :P coz am started to eat haha

Yesterday :)

writting his wish :)

preparing for class tml.
still got few photo haven't upload,
will upload when free :D
night, people :)