Saturday, 11 February 2012

back to school

Hello people,
am blogging at starbucks genting now :D
here actually got 2 starbucks outlet,
but the indoor had closed up now become a part of casino.
I prefer the indoor 1,
more quiet and feel more comfortable there :O

Well, am try to enter to casino just now haha,
successfully pass by the scanner door,
but failed to enter haha..

alright back to my topic,
my sem break had end,
already back to school for 3 days.
I got a lecturer who is a man,
the way he talk is really so attractive,
like a successful business man,
and full of knowledge :) *thumbs up*
*am very agree with it*

having marketing subject in this semester,
*like it*
well :) i want to give advise to some of you,
do choose the course that you are interesting,
you can really understand better to those subject tht related to your course,
don't choose course that you wish you will be but you are not interesting in it :)

STOP blog here :)
want continue with my book at starbucks d. :D
have a nice day people.

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