Thursday, 19 January 2012

18.10.12 @ Sunway Pyramid

 With my WL, Waiyan and her dear HH, and Huimin
went to pyramid to buy.. 'sweet' haha

 i think many of you did this too haha 
to prevent forget where you park your car :P

 This is not ready picture haha

Finally i can try Ochado, Try their 3Q Passionate Tea,
okok but just too many ingredient.. *unlike*
but their staff just spoil my mood :O
It really spoil my mood,
but then their pearl is really Q than others.
Really unsatisfied, before back Grab a cup of Chatime :P

 Feel like trying right? haha
but unfortunately, the lala dint open haha,
dint try dao..

 88 as our dinner,
went there only realize they din't provide tissue anymore,
you need to buy it for RM1,
omg, raise the price from RM23.80 to RM26.80.
and you don't provide tissue? 
Screw it~

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