Saturday, 14 December 2013

Walkthrough Klang Parade before launching

Feel great to have the opportunity to being one of the lucky person to walkthrough Klang Parade before they launch.
For Klang resident, most of us know that Klang Parade is doing their renovation and estimate soft launch in the end of December, 
but what i get the information just now was it has been delay,
and they estimate will be launch before Chinese New Year, 
not a bad news as we still can shop before CNY :)

Attaching some photo taken just now and sorry for blur photo :P

Know where is this? Is the escalator in front of Parkson last time :)

The new Parkson

Our guide today and telling us about the progress of renovation

And all of us have to wear the safety helmet during the walkthrough to avoid accident :)

This is the place where there are a stage last time

 Female toilet

and male toilet lol, chance to walk in male toilet today haha

There will be about 250 outlets, include of Texas chicken, Parkson, The chicken rice shop, Oldtown white coffee, Don sushi, Gsc cinema etc. Gsc cinema will be open at April and for the food court will be halal and non-halal area.

I like the new design of Klang Parade now, is more class, comfortable compare to last time,
and there will be floor to ceiling glass for the sunlight to get in, so when we shopping, we can still know the weather outside haha :P 

Guess that is all for today :) Thanks for reading

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