Friday, 4 October 2013

My Favourite Panmee: Fancy Mee

Are you panmee lover? I want to share my favourite panmee to you guys - Fancy Mee
Their Chilli panmee with fishcake, serve together with soup - is my love :)
I become the loyal customer since i started my diploma studies nearby Wangsa Maju area 3 years ago,
and i have also tried out their branch at Setia Alam last time but is already closed now.

and today i am having my meal at their Glenmarie branch, is not called Fancy Mee here but 王子面Loving Mee (besides 明记叉烧)

The chilli is spicy enough but can't stop me to continue eating :) yumyum

This is the way i eat the fishcakes, sedap sekali :) 

Headed to the nearest branch and try now :)
My favourite branch is Wangsa Maju :) What's yours?

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