Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Review: Loreal Paris Smooth Intense Anti-Frizz Serum

Hello readers, I am going to blog on this hair product that i bought recently,
and i found is very useful to me haha so feels like sharing with all of you  :D

Really don't feel like posting this messy hair photo of mine before applying the serum, 
but for you to see the difference before applying lol
it looks frizz and unmanageable :/

Alright, and this is the photo after applying,
and i thinks i am going to love this product.
I went to my friends birthday dinner yesterday, one of my friend even ask me what did i do to my hair,
people can actually see the difference on my hair.

One of the main things is it does not feel oily at all,
most of the people with oily scalp will actually scare on those serum that will make your hair even more oily.

Even i apply it before go to bed and the next day i wake up is still the same, it surprise me.

It provides hair with nutrition, smoothing, frizz-free and 48-hour protection.



  1. have you do rebonding because your hair look so straight and nice

    1. Thanks Eriol :) No, i din't go for rebonding

  2. I used this before as well..I like it! and the smell is very refreshing too :)

  3. Your hair looks healthy already before applying the serum! =O