Thursday, 4 April 2013

Bday Celebration @ Suki-Ya Shabu-Shabu at Pavillion, KL

Firstly, thank you to these 4 men which wear so Fashionable on that day :) 
and Garpu, Cobby and ah boy don't need to feel sorry for it :) There are always chances to enjoy together 

Alright, i never blog about men fashion,
lets have a look at their #ootd :D

#1 - Rock Man 
 Comme Des F Down cap, Grid shirt with winter design sleeve, Blue trousers

#2 - Zenox 
2-tone shirt, Khaki trousers with an ice cream :P

#3 - Paul
Pink polo T, Jeans with an ice cream :P

#4 - River
Dot shirt, Light colour jeans, Diesel leather watch, Khaki shoes

After the outfit part, now about the food part.
Suki-Ya as our dinner,

Types of soup: Shabu-Shabu, Sukiyaki, Miso, Kimchi ( we choose sukiyaki & kimchi) 
Free flow for beef, chicken and lamb


Ice cream corner- make your own with ice cream machine :) Green tea and Chocolate 

Little celebration with our full tummy :P

Some random shoot of us after dinner :)

Finding for your company spokesperson? For enquiry, email to ze*** lol :P

#trying to act


Price: (Promo Lunch RM 29.80++ 11am-5pm ) 
    (Dinner RM 39.80++ 5pm-10pm) 


Location: Lot 6.24.04 Level 6, Pavillion KL Shopping Center, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Overall: The price is expensive compare to others shabu-shabu buffet,
less varieties of food( no prawn, crab),
but their quality of food is good, all the meat is okay, lala is fresh.

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