Tuesday, 26 March 2013

20th Birthday of Mine

Hi People,
I am so guilty that i had desolate my blog for 1 month,
Last month, i just feel like enjoying my CNY right after my final exam,
but i got my short semester after CNY :( So, i have no time to actually enjoy my holidays,
and the point here is i am having FINAL EXAM again hahaha

How I pass my birthday yesterday? was by doing revision hahah
birthday CRUSH with exam and i still got paper on the next day lol
Just don't feel like celebrating, i told my boy and friends not to celebrate with me on my day.
It is so stress to celebrating birthday while you have to sit for exam haha

OK, too much on crapping. :P

Thank you for all the wishes, i READ all haha :) 

I get surprise from them :) A big thank you to you guys <3

Have to continue my revision :)

Will back to blog after finish exam.
COMING BACK SOON in early of April haha