Friday, 11 January 2013

Ripley's believe it or not? @ Genting

Hi readers, i am back to blog again :)
How's ya life? I just finished my final exam, sem break now :)
Gonna blog about last month post. :P lol
I believe most of you heard about Ripley's believe it or not @ Genting, right?
Finally, me and my boy went there last month.

 I asked him to act lol.

Uncle will angry you :P

 Don't touch, pls..

See. you will regret :/

He is so excited with this haha

Challenge accepted~

 9 Vs 6

Lose already become good boy. lol

Still got many things to see inside.
I think is worth to go and have a look yourself :)
Price is around RM22/person
Here's some photo @ indoor theme park.

 Guess what he want to capture in this photo?
is not the pirate up there but the plug. lol
wonder who can charge their things at there hahah

long time no eat but too sweet :P

 The next day breakfast @ Hainam Restoran
His special sandwich. not nice :/ 

 and mine chicken rice :I not bad for genting food.


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