Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Hi, readers :)
My title of this post is not wrong, lol. 
i'm going to write a short post about my 4th anniversary with my boy.
I think is not easy to maintain 4 years relationship?  haha *wink*
How we celebrate this year was called up gangs ♥  and had dinner together.

Inside the frame 1 was taken on 3rd year anniversary and the instant photo was 4th :)

Girls are Min and Vzhen and Boys are Ck and CW 
Feel *paiseh* that Min go back early and we din't manage to take photo together,
so here's our previous photo that took together.
Left: Min, Vzhen and Me

Selca of me and Vzhen, all the best for your STPM :)

The Next Day,
Shop for shoes for his relatives wedding dinner :)
#outfit. Denim jacket from WhatIDress , Grey dress

My new shoes, and he got himself a Nike shoes with RED colour :( 
Nike, why you din't come out the same design for girls?


  1. awwh! that is sooo sweeet! 4 years togther!? wow! i wish my relationship can last long like yours!
    wish you all the best! by the way the shoes look nice!

  2. Vzhen face was so funny....haha....stay sweet together~~~