Friday, 7 September 2012

Poco Homemade

Recommend this shop to you guys : Poco Homemade

 White Chocolate Semifreddo - RM12
Taste: 5/5
it's white chocolate with vinegar, not really like the taste of vinegar,
but since the waitress recommend us,
so why not give a try?
UNEXPECTEDLY, it taste so good to me,
the white chocolate is like eating ice cream, and is so match with the vinegar :) *like*

Homemade Tofu Cake - RM9
Taste: 4/5
not very sweet, not bad :)

Pistachio Cake- RM12
Taste: 3/5
For me,  it just taste normal :P

Soya Green Tea- RM6
Taste: 5/5
their signature drinks :) the combinatino of both is really taste good

 Honey green tea - RM6

Hot honey milk - RM6
Taste: 5/5
Personally very like it too :) if you like soya green tea, you might like this too

Jelly Citron Tea - RM6
Taste: 2/5
Wonder if you guys eat plum stick before?
it taste like it :)

There are also some handicraft for sales :)

Poco Homemade
Add: 1, Lorong Kurau, 59100 Bangsar, KL.
Tel:  03-22875688
Business hours: Tuesday - Sunday (12pm - 9pm)
Close every Monday
Close on 1st & 3rd Tuesday

Lastly, have a very good news for fashion lovers who like to do online shopping :D
a new website is going to launch,
where you can buy fashionable clothing and bags,
and the best things is the website offer you WHOLESALE price :D
well, i will keep you guys updates about the website :)

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  1. Been there with besties. i love the environment there. sucha good place for gathering :D