Saturday, 4 August 2012

Taiwan trip:天长地久桥 - 奮起湖

got no idea why my eyes don't look at the camera :I

Don't know what to eat for breakfast, so we go to the shop which nearby our hotel 
 my choice for breakfast

corn soup and bun

this is too oily for breakfast :O

our hotel yesterday :)  

 Leave FengJia and going to 天长地久桥

Stop by a rest station
my sis play this :P but can't get it 

 so good :)

Our tour guide recommend us this coffee shop, but the taste..
different culture, got different taste :)

inside is like a small food court

their fishball taste like meat ball :I

arrive 天长地久桥

Next station: 奮起湖
must try their 鐵路便當

The train stop working due to they have to repair the road

look cute right? but this is not the shop where tour guide going to bring us 

this is the shop 

 free refill for soup :) taste good

Personally don't like it, it got a strong smell which come from the 竹笋
people there love 腌制竹笋

awh :) i like this cold tofu, wasabi as topping

saw many 'woh woh' there :)  

 choose a stamp and stamp on your postcard :)

 and this is it

 guess what? is wasabi :)

 @adelyn :P Kitty Miao

OK :) that's all for this post
Next post will be 阿里山, everyone should be well-known with the song right?
itz true about the lyrics? lets find out in my next post :)

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