Friday, 6 July 2012

Introduction of Taiwan ;)

Hello people,
Im back, i got a chance to blog at Taiwan actually :P but due to my laziness awhh.. 
Here some Q&A :)
Q1: How your trip? itz fun?
A: yes, definitely.
Q2: How's the bubble tea there? 
A: Awesome :D a lot of bubble tea brand there.. and the price is so affordable, around NT20-45, Msia price x3 :( and i had try their most famous bubble tea, is really so nice :D even i don't like to drink pearl milk tea but their milk tea is super super nice.
 Q3:How was chatime at there look like?
Hmm.. i have to say.. Chatime is nobody there, is so rare to see Chatime, but i  saw 1  near Taipei train station, big outlet but no customers inside another 1 is located near 'Hualian' train station.
 after try taiwan milktea, Chatime is really ....
but how ?not much choices at Malaysia :( 
Q4: is Taiwan really many lengzai & lenglui?
A: Yes :D most of them.. 
Q5: Is the people there friendly?
A: some of them :)
Q6: How the price range there? cheaper or expensive?
A: just to say most of the things are cheaper than M'sia :(

*any other question? can leave a comment and ask me*
other special things i will highlight again in coming post :)
stay tuned people :)
Here some photos to update you guys 1st

 lol my messy hair

serious, he is a lengzai

guess where am i?

a shopping day ;)

Will try to update soon after i get all the photos :)