Friday, 4 May 2012

Shabu One Steamboat Buffet, Lot 10

went for lunch session @12.30pm

Choices of soup: Tomyam, chicken soup, sweet &sour, herbal soup
my choices are chicken soup & tomyam

Tomyam soup is quite salty but chicken soup is ok :)

 various type of drinks

prawn is not enough supply,
and i dint see any crab that available :( only see at other customer table (sad)

 looks like alot? not much choices actually

 herbal egg

Curry fishball, ya this is nice, taste like the 1 we eat at pasar malam

 tam tam mee

heard of many reviews of this restaurant :)
but just to say that this restaurant is not my cup of tea
but, i like their services :)

*Lunch - RM27.99+

*Afternoon - RM22.99+

*Dinner - RM27.99+

** Student Promotion - RM20.99+ (Student C
ard with Expiry Date)


  • T18-22.3nd floor,Lot 10 shopping centre,
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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