Thursday, 5 April 2012

Recent of me

Some of you are quite curious with what am i doing with my sem break actually,
am curious with myself too haha
so far i already 'pass' my holidays for 1 week,
ok without dating with my boy, 
am busy with doing business,
well not that kind of 'business' kay? haha
is with my bags business.
Somehow, i feel recently i like to go kacau ppl ;P haha 
can it consider of release of my pek chek? haha

Alright, now share this song with you guys,
1 of the reason i like this song is because,
1st listen to this song, i tot it was boomers has it,
i believe people who has play 'left 4 dead' 
know who's the boomers haha
but after i know is actually rumour
still like it anyway ;)

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