Saturday, 14 April 2012

Hot Lala Steamboat Buffet & BBQ

 My sister introduce this to me yesterday ;)
so as im a steamboat lover,
so i went to try just now :P

They have 4 type of soup to choose:
Chicken soup, Herbal soup, Tom yam soup and last i think is sweet & sour soup? am not sure with the last :P
My choices was Chicken soup :)

 for me lala put in soup will be more tasty ;)

  BBQ lala & siham 
you can choose anythings you like and they will help you to BBQ :)

Their promotion now:
1 person is entitled to get 1 stamp, collect 10 and get 1 free.
:) i think this is good, no need spend minimum RM50 only can collect 1 stamp :P
Definitely a new place for gathering :D tee hee
and of course their environment is good and comfortable :)

ADDRESS: 1, Jalan Kasuarina 5/KS7, Bandar Botanic, 41200 Klang, Malaysia
(behind GM)
TEL: 333251651
Wed - Sun:17:00-23:30


  1. 在吧生总是缺少烧烤火锅。。。

  2. 吧生BBK的Mo Mo Paradise火锅自助餐环境很好,你赏识了没?