Saturday, 31 March 2012

24.03.2012 - POP advance celebration :)

First of all, thank you for all the POP people that inside this post ;) 
Big ♥ for you guys 

and this yummy haagen-darz should specially thanks to Mr.cheong ;) yeah?
xie xie la :) i think it should be once a year kay? haha


like a boss ;) next profile pic kah?

Mr.Cho plan for boston,
but no place for us so as am desire for the ... so change to 88 :P
hehe Mr.Cho next time kay?

lala party? :D

Macaroon :DD *eye blink blink*

 get attack :I

 For more photo about today :) View at my fb photo yeah :)
 Other post will update soon.

Am Officially Sem Break Now

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