Friday, 3 February 2012

The Viral Factor

just finish watch it at cinema, it is already 1.00am.

This movie is really out of my expect,
am still thinking whether should i go watch or not.
as most of the reviews are quite good,
so we give ourselves a chance to watch it :)

WL allows me to give a big love to Nicholas :D 
because he is same with me haha

People, not much to say here,
you should give yourself a chance to watch it at cinema,
see the place where you knew so much is actually inside this film,
how they bang Pavillion glass and so on..
and of course give a chance to Nicholas see how much effort he did in this movie,
you can feel the pain when he drop from the high building.
and also Jay Chou. Definitely different with the one you knew about him at 'the secret' movie.

*p/s: im action movie lover :) *



  1. One of the scene in this movie is taken in my hometown jor...xD