Thursday, 23 February 2012

R.I.P~ piper ♥

Special post to my special dog~

actually she was a passenger at my house last time,
her owner din't pick her up,
at the end, we decided to own her as our family..
She came to our house at age of 5+
accompany us for 2 years more..
*tears dropping*

When i heard the news of her dead,
i was at KL taking my brunch,
i thought her dead was a joke,
but few days ago,
i already knew that she is fighting with sickness in dog clinic,
i din't finish the food,
and rushing back from KL to home..
I was crying in the public all the way home,
i just can't control..

Then i realize, how many dogs you have,
then you have to see how many times of dead..
 her with her property,
she came with this cage to our house,
when you open the gate,
she will go inside and wait..
i think she believe that she will go back to her owner..

 her signature pose,
she always throw her tongue out

 kitchen is her place

I miss you piper,
thank you for bringing so much joy and happiness to us..
Your pass might be not good,
but at least you got us at last..
i will remember you always..
Rocky will take care of you,
last time you always like to follow Rocky,
remember go to find him..