Saturday, 3 December 2011

XYZ steamboat buffet

Dinner with WL tonight :)
The shop name XYZ steamboat buffet.
which is located at Botanic, near Amway.

Steam lala which prepared by the shop,
i like the sauce :) 

Spicy crab 

Shark Fin soup 

Grill lala and siham
You can take whatever you want to grill to the staff and they will help you :)
WL take to the staff, who knows when he going to take our grill lala,
already taken by others,
but the boss help us to take the ingredients and grill again :)

There are food that ready to served,
French Fried, steam lala, chicken wings, fried vege, spicy crab...

The shop have more ingredients than 88 steamboat,
and of coz not crowded as there.
and the price is cheap :)

RM18.80- adult
RM15.80- Student
RM8.80- Child
*This promotion is valid until 31/12/2011*

when bill, the boss straight away told us Rm31.60 without asking for Student ID or age :)
well, i think it will be a new place for friends gathering

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