Wednesday, 28 December 2011

My Christmas Eve 2011 ♥

Merry Christmas people :)
sorry for the late post,
am busying with my final exam,
I will update after my exam.

Spend my day with him this year 
as we both not really like crowded,
but we try to went to the crowded place,
but I-city was really JAM :O

I have a plan next year,
I plan to invite my buddy come over to my house,
and i will cook 圣诞餐,
exchange present and act like Santa haha :)
Everyone get their present, with my 2 lovely dogs ♥ awh.. so lovely~
*I hope im not 3-mins hot temper* haha
And my boy has promise me, when we grow older,
we go travel to enjoy our Christmas :)

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